MIT Class of 1989

Last updated 16 September 1998

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Our class scholarships go to MIT students who also participate in public service activities.

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Class Officers


Elections were held June 5, 1994 at Capucino's in Cambridge, with 45 Class members and guests in attendance.
President		Carissa Climaco
Vice-President		Dave (Duis) Story
Secretary		Henry Houh
Treasurer		David Goldstone
Class Agent		Christine LeViness
Members-at-large	Hugo Ayala	
			Laura Brauer
			Elliot Marx
			Mike Parker
			Lisa Robinson
			Angelina So
			Cindy Wang
Ambassador		T.K. Wong


President		Carissa Climaco
Vice-President		Dave (Duis) Story
Secretary-Treasurer	Henry Houh
Class Agent		Yangki Kim
Member-at-large		Christine LeViness
Member-at-large		Laura Brauer